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Organizes eBook collections and improves the user's reading experience
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Paul Young

Manages your eBook library and keeps you focused on reading by dimming the text, highlighting only the area that you're currently reading.

Many people have trouble finding a program that will help them read their favorite eBooks the way they want to. eBook Library is designed to be a reading companion, especially useful when you have to work against the clock.

Besides allowing you to create and organize your own collection of eBooks, eBook Library serves another important purpose. It helps its users increase their reading speed. It dims the entire text, thus helping you focus on a few words that you are currently reading.

Using this program can be a bit tricky and I had a few problems trying to set up the text that I wanted to read. You will need to save your book in a .txt file and manually remove all the unwanted text (like the intro or the table of contents). Then open the file using the "Choose new source" button and the application will start to automatically parse your text, so that you can start reading.

The most noticeable improvement in the latest version of eBook Library is the optimization that drastically decreases the parsing time that the program requires. Another novelty that brings a plus in functionality is the replacement of the "dim text" check box with a slider.

While testing eBook Library, I discovered a few things that I actually liked. First of all it allows you to adapt the program to your reading speed by chaining the highlighting speed. Another plus is the capability of the program to approximate how long it will take you to finish the entire book.

In conclusion, eBook Library is a program that I didn't like very much as it has some major drawbacks. It doesn't allow you to make the entire text completely visible and it doesn't show the number of the lines you select. So, I would only recommend this application to those who specifically want to improve their reading speed.

Sean O'Reilly
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Review summary


  • Automatically parses your books
  • Estimates the time it takes to read any book
  • Customizable reading speeds


  • Requires you to manually remove the parts of the text you don't want to read
  • Doesn't show the number of the lines that you select, so if you want to resume reading from a certain point you will have to count by yourself
  • Doesn't allow you to make the text completely visible
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